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The Unimac brand expresses leading performance in the context of innovation. Unimac innovates to enhance laundry speed, ease, eco-efficiency and other measurable performance indicators. Use the link and let you guide towards the latests innovations

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    UY large capacity softmount 350 G-force – designed for faster and better efficiency

    Optimum performance washer range featuring the new touch control platform PROform Touch with unique features and benefits. Best productivity for large laundry with batch number tracking, tilting system for faster operations. Previous PROform (digital display) platform, fully programmable remains available for APAC and MEA Regions - ask our distributor

  • New

    UY Touch mid-size softmount 360 G-force – the most compact and ergonomics of its category and design for faster and better efficiency

    Optimized consumption and high performance featuring the new touch control platform PROform Touch. Best OPL partner with batch number tracking, tilting system for faster operations. Previous PROform (digital display) platform, fully programmable remains available for APAC and MEA Regions - ask our distributor

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    How to offer a premium user experience in your laundry?

    PROform, the latest touchscreen controls, over-the-air machine updates, the regularly upgraded Unimac laundry management software cloud based dashboard ensure your investment will still be as new for decades.

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    UY softmount 400 G-force – ergonomics and design for better efficiency

    Optimized consumption and high performance washer range featuring the new common controls platform PROform with unique features and benefits.

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    How to manage your laundry business by simply browsing the internet with TotalVue?

    Our TotalVue laundry solution gives you the reporting, monitoring capabilities you need to do what you do best: make intelligent business decisions. When a recently opened property with new equipment was having trouble completing its laundry task, UniMac’s® TotalVue shined a light on the problems. With the data in-hand, management was able to update processes and bring all laundry back in-house. The move generated savings and greater efficiency.

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    UHP heat pump dryer series – when exceptional design meets outstanding sustainability

    UHP dryer series eco-friendly heat pump dryers combined with the UY souftmount washer extractor – the perfect set for on-premises looking at best energy optimization.

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    How to reach maximum efficiency in healthcare laundry?

    36 and 50 kg Pullman barrier washer. The best ergonomics for operators and the most compact Pullman models on the market.


UY softmount large size series touch

UY800 | UY1000 | UY1200

Large capacity, high spin, softmount industrial washer extractors

  • Capacity from 80 to 120 kg (180 to 275 lb) – 350 G-force.
  • Cabinet combined from stainless steel 
  • Easy to use and intuitive PROform touch control, featuring a 7” screen
  • Built-in WIFI communication with over the air data processing
  • Best in class in ergonomics for user’s friendliness
  • Designed for intensive use for minimum 30.000 cycles
  • Easy access to vital parts for quick maintenance, built with long lasting genuine parts
  • Connectivity and software for monitoring and traceability


  • Previous PROform (digital display) platform, fully programmable remains available for APAC and MEA Regions – ask our distributor

PROform Touch control

With PROform Touch, UniMac enters a new era of controls featuring enhanced customer experience as well as a variety of new functionalities in terms of cloud-based connectivity and data accessibility. PROform Touch is available on UniMac's UY65-1200 soft-mount commercial washers.